Small Businesses is the Backbone of the American Economy

In a world full of corporations and government regulations, it can be easy to overlook the fact that small businesses are the true backbone of the economy.  The primary source of jobs for Americans is the small business, as entrepreneurs are considered the forefront of economic prosperity.  Small businesses are not only the creators of 75% of new jobs in America, but they pay more than 44% of the nation’s payroll.  Small businesses and creative innovation is fueling the economy by not only helping the individual, but helping the community around them.

Small businesses are motivated by market forces to give the consumer what they want, whether it be goods or services, and often on a local level.  The person-to-person interaction will always be a desired trait that the consumer desires as well as the quality that comes with a small business production.  Because of this, the need to run small businesses and protect them has become crucial as they truly are incredibly beneficial to the economy and well-being of the consumer.  Businesses need to stay educated, network and be on top of the newest innovations in order to remain desired, healthy and profitable.

Running a small business is a noble task, and luckily the Delco Business Alliance is here to help you succeed and collaborate among your entrepreneurial peers of businesses owners in Delaware County and beyond.  Small businesses can be home-based, run a storefront, provide a service at a client’s location or even ship products across the country – their versatility and unique qualities need to be protected and celebrated in America.  With threats of larger corporations driving prices down,  threatening small business locations and service areas, it is important to band together and drive each other to success – and the DBA is there to help support that endeavor into fruition.